GRIP Montreal (Group for Research and Psychosocial Intervention) is a non-profit organization and registered charity, founded in 1997. Our mission is to reduce the harm associated with the consumption of psychoactive substances and prevent problematic use. Our approach to harm reduction involves educating and making available objective information on psychoactive substances, new consumption tendancies, and ways to mitigate the negative consequences of their use. GRIP Montreal aims to help people, especially young people, become better able to make safer, informed decisions, and be more responsible with regard to drug consumption.

GRIP Montreal applies humanist principles to its interventions out of a desire that individuals remain free and fully responsible for their actions in accordance with their beliefs and provided that they have the information they need. This pragmatism allows GRIP to remain focused on realistic objectives with regard to the reduction of negative consequences associated with substance use . As such, GRIP Montreal adheres to the following values: Respect for human dignity, tolerance, the promotion of autonomy, respect for rights and freedoms, and fairness.

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